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Best Huntington Beach Restaurants

Best Huntington Beach California Restaurants


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New for 2011: Best Pho - Photastic! We came across a fabulous place on Brookhurst near Arby's. The normal routine is to make our way along this "food alley" and either stop for really fast sandwiches at Arby's or head past Garfield (from the beach) to Stonefire Grill located in Fountain Valley. Like dogs? Check out  Pee Wee's Famous Hot Dogs and Hamburgers at 5942 E. Edinger, Suite 104. Call: (714) 846-3100 OR

One day we stopped not long ago to try the soup at Photastic. I was going to do a story on the Asian pho you can buy in Little Saigon (Westminster) so this piqued my interest.  When I tried the soup at Photastic it was fantastic. So I kept going back. Here's one food review our staff has written. Do check out the quality restaurant that sells dishes at affordable prices. You'll like it, too!

The Best Huntington Beach Restaurants are stand-outs from the crowd.  Many changes continue to come to the HB Food Scene. What will the next year bring? Affordable is key and if you charge more, it better be worth it.

With exciting new restaurants introduced to Huntington Beach, the stand-out "save" was Alice Gustafson's Breakfast in the Park. It received a 2-year reprieve as a city concessionaire.  The wine-bar bistro that was envisioned for this home-town, lakeside cafe spot,  will have to wait another two years till a Senior Center is built, and alcohol permits are set in place. That's either good news or bad news, depending on your point of view.

When Martini Blues was sold, the owners noticeably  cut back on their entertainment schedule. Once serving up almost nightly live music, you'll find the sports bar with weekend and Thursday night comedy acts has really cut back.

Abdo Deivan opened Coach's Deli next to Starbucks, and it's doing well. People love the sandwiches served there. When the Chop House opened with much interest, people loved this rocking new place. But the noisy din and bull-riding on the artificial bronkin' bull didn't please the nearby residents (no surprise). All in all the restaurant owners tell us they are hanging in there for 2009, seeing profits slip overall with inflation.  But for some, catering has become a booming business and way to survive during the downturn.

Best of Huntington Beach Restaurants, Dining and Food takes into account the crowds, popularity, tastes, service, price and all the things you, the connoisseur find important. We take suggestions, send out our taste-testers and weigh the results for best of postings. 

Let's get started. Our publisher worked two years at the Huntington Beach Conference and Visitors Bureau, answering visitor questions such as, "What restaurant has the best view?" and "What restaurant is the best for a group event?" Then there's the seasonal queries such as, "Where do we eat when coming to see the December Cruise of Lights in Huntington Harbour?" or "We're coming into town for the US Open...where can we find some affordable dining near the beach?"

All important questions, dining out is no longer a luxury. Californians spend so much time driving, commuting, working and traveling that restaurants are one of their top concerns on a daily basis as eating out has become a staple. Fortunately, the food selections keep improving in Huntington Beach and the number of restaurants seems to have increased with the opening of a new mall, Bella Terra, which brought to the city chains such as California Pizza Kitchen, Islands, The Cheesecake Factory and many others.

By the numbers, McDonalds probably continues to handle the largest volume of food trips. With the introduction of great menu items under $3, you can put together some fajita rollups, a side salad and dessert for around $6. The food is actually reasonable for those looking for finger foods, drive away meals, and options to suit an entire family (and especially the kids.)

Burgers are as American as the beach is to Huntington Beach. In Huntington Beach, one of the favorite hamburgers comes from the California-based chain, In N Out. Their formula is simple: Make it fresh, don't offer too many items on the menu, and keep the prices affordable. As a result, Huntington Beach longed for an In N Out restaurant (offers drive through) for years and finally opened one back in 2004 on Beach Blvd. near Talbert Ave.


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